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Nikkiana Jones - Exploring the Fringe

Nikkiana Jones - Exploring the Fringe,

FKA: Living Extraordinary Podcast. A self proclaimed "truth seeker" that challenges the current paradigm and wants to invite others to give me fuel for that “what is all of this?” fire! 


New uploads every week, depending on the mood!


Exploring consciousness, ancient archeology, dimensions, paranormal, aliens, ufos, ghosts, realms, fairies, dreams, sacred geometry, energy, magnets, psychics, meditation, channeled stuff, time travel, holographic universe, astrology & astronomy, ascension theories, conspiracy materials, basically anything esoteric, strange or needing to be understood more.


Please geek out with me on the nature of the universe and give me your theories, I don’t bite and love new perspectives!

Also as a passion I dig my own crystals, minerals and fossils with my younger brother and some of the loot is for sale here. 

Also I go on adventures that you might like to join. They are alternative historical spiritual tourism that intertwines ancient archeology, portals, CE5, shamanic practices and the like. All are unique and about more than just the location. I am a connector and you will meet life-long kindred spirit friends, learn something new, hopefully have a lot of fun and find your tribe on our adventures. 

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