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Y'all my tours are popping off come hell or high water in 2022. Covid be damned we have to live and see more of this beautiful world! I can guarantee you one thing, if you come on one of my tours you will leave with mind expanding experiences and new friends on your vibration. 



February 2022  

I will be taking a group of up to 30 people to explore ancient Egypt with me and Mohamed Ibrahim. All inclusive minus your international flight for around $4k for 12 days. More details to follow very soon, there is a waiting list currently forming so let me know if you are seriously interested shoot me an email at

Here are the details:

Peru & Bolivia

Summer 2022

Building this tour out with my good friend Martine Rachettes. I went here with her in 2016 and had the time of my life, Macchu Piccu, wanting to explore Nazca Lines and Puma Pumku. This one has a lot of range to cover and will be 14days. Details to follow! Email if interested in being on the waiting list! 



November 2022

My friend Kulbir and I are trying to put a more spiritually based trip your together with a few select awesome ruins. This one is being molded and blended as we speak. Email if you are interested or have requests. 


Fall/winter 2022

Portal time! This is for the magical wizards out there. Going to Manoa, where I had the Unicorn sighting. Plant medicine or shamanism might be involved as well as legends, ruins and nature galore. Not for the weak of heart! My friend Bryan is the local I'll be building this one out with him. Email me if interested. 

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